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Jedno z tych dem, ktore uderzyło mnie po oczach i uszach za pierwszym zamachem, z siłą pneumatycznego obucha. Wyważona kolorystyka, ładne rozmyte sceny, pasująca do całości hipnotyczna muzyka.

Znacznie później przeczytałem jak powstało Respirator Stories. Oryginalna wypowiedź Loaderrora, komentarz z (warto przeczytać!):

„There is always the problem of effects not really fitting with the theme of the demo. Different people have different ideas, and you cant really stop groupmembers from doing exactly what they want to do.. Eg..worst way to make a demo is probably to make one of the members dictate exactly what the others should do.. The result would be that nobody would do anything. This demo was supposed to be kind of medical in style at first since I had taken those pictures that we had never used. I had also coded the voxelroutine, which I worked a lot on to make fast enough. I really wanted to have the voxel in there, so I thought about the concept of some supersecret facility in the mountains doing experiments on humans ;) . Zixaq wanted it to have a sort of mental flashback style of paranoia style. Knowing all this, cheetah started to do some modelling in lightwave. He made a fish!!(which was so cool that we just had to have it in there) Then I said:”Maybe we should have another technological fish chasing the first fish(animal experiments in the mountains)”, so cheetah made a shark, but the techno thing never got in there and the chasing sequence looked a bit like the fighting scenes in loonies’ demos.. Now we have: medical images, mountains, a tune that was completely mad and wacky in a slightly humorous sense.. Zixaq decided to make a new tune that was more dark and scary one week before the party.. Cheetah moved to france and couldnt do any more graphics.. So far, the only thing we could agree on is that it should be dark and use blue/green all the way. SOOO here comes the explanation of the final result which ties it all together and proves that this is actually consistent content and design ;) ……….. A guy who is struggling to stay alive in his respirator fighting some horrible disease in his brain. Once in a while he starts hallucinating that evil is coming for him (shark, voxel == bottom of ocean, and the last weird fish) (this evil is inspired by the sleeping hall at Breakpoint. One of the working titles was „Stories from the sleeping hall” ).. The lightrays are from the times when he is awake and sees various doctor stuff… He might even be in the secret lab in the mountains as a guinea pig. The spline effect is a projection of his brain-synapses overacting. He obviously is experiencing a lot of stuff and will undoubtedly have a few respirator stories to tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hah! David Lynch, go suck on a lemon!!!”

O tak Dawidzie, idź possać cytrynkę.

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